• Vehicle Weight & Corner Balancing
  • Offering Vehicle Weighing - Get your car weighed to within 0.1% accuracy with our Intercomp Race Scales. Great for knowing what your car currently weighs or identifying weight changes from various mods. This service can be performed in only a few minutes. Currently running specials for only $20!
  • Corner Balancing Services also offered with our Intercomp Wireless Race Scales.  Corner Balancing can greatly improve how your vehicle handles on track. Please plan on this taking approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on suspension mods and current vehicle weight distribution. Cost: $75/hr

Track Alignment (Coming Soon)

  • We will soon be offering string alignments for toe and also camber adjustments. It might be considered "old-school" but its tried-and-true and the only preferred alignment method for many professional race teams.

Dyno  - Insoric Real Power Dyno System

Interested in knowing how much horsepower your car really makes in the real world? Don't have the time nor want the added expense of putting your car on a chassis dyno? Not into someone else thrashing your car on the dyno while you watch in anguish? We may have a solution for you! Introducing the Swiss made Insoric Real Power Dyno System.

The system works by attaching a high precision wireless sensor to the center of a wheel and then the diameter of the tire is measured and the circumference is then calculated. Other pertinent variables are recorded including air temp/humidity/barometric pressure etc. The engine speed is noted and the vehicle is put in 3rd or 4th gear and does a pull on a flat, level surface all the way up to redline. The vehicle is then put into neutral / clutch pushed in / etc. and the vehicle is allowed to coast down approximately 15-20 mph to calculate drag on the vehicle. This function allows for engine horsepower to be derived the wheel horsepower. Benefits of this system over traditional systems include:

  • Accurate "real world" results as you car is actually moving taking into account air flow into radiators and any ram air effects (or lack thereof) that may be claimed
  • No dyno limp-modes to overcome
  • Less issues with heat soak. If your car is traveling 150 mph, it is getting 150 mph of air into the coolers
  • Test effects of drag reducing block-off plates
  • Test drag from a new wing, splitter or aero setup and actually calculate equivalent losses at speed
  • Measure your vehicles horsepower anytime/anywhere
  • Get your car weighed for free as part of the setup process
  • Unlimited runs - You drive your car
  • Cost $50