GPS08 Module

AiM TechnologiesSKU: X40GPS08AM0050



The AiM GPS08 GPS Module is more precise than most of the existing GPS systems, as it has been designed to add to the GPS satellite's signal the Global Navigation Satellite (Glonass) system's signal. With an average of almost twenty satellites working in conjunction, GPS08 guarantees precision and reliability simply not comparable to the old generation GPS systems.

Key Benefits:

  • <1m positional tolerance on average
  • Satellite Signal is locked quickly upon startup, usually within seconds
  • Lost signal issues virtually eliminated
  • Location/Speed/Acceleration Sampled 10x per second, improving predictive lap times and data analysis
  • Up to 13ft long cable to provide mounting location flexibility

The GPS08 Module is offered in two versions: Standard and "Roof" mounted.

The roof-mounted version installs easily: Simply drill a 12mm (1/2") hole in your roof, run the cable through (from the outside), and then tightened the supplied M12 x 1.25 nut to mount the GPS antenna to the roof. The Roof version is also supplied with a rubber gasket underneath the antenna which seals out water. Connect the other end of the CAN cable from the Antenna to your data logger and it will automatically configure itself upon startup.


Please note that the GPS08 Module is designed to work with the following AiM products only:

  • SmartyCam HD GP 2.2 (Does not fit SmartyCam HD, SmartyCam HD 2.1, and SmartyCam HD GP of which require the (GPS08B Module) with 4-pin connector
  • MXL/MXL2/MXG/MXS, & MXM Auto Dashes (*MXL Pro Requires 22-pin auxiliary Harness (not included) for CAN connections*)
  • MyChron4/MyChron5 Kart Dashes (*Reduced battery life when powering GPS08 Module, unless MyChron e-box is used to power GPS08 or unless dash is otherwise powered*)
  • EVO3/EVO4S/EVO5 Data Loggers (Does not Fit EVO 4 which has it's own antenna & connector)

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