PFC Big Brake Kit E85 Z4 M Coupe/M Roadster - ZR45 Front Calipers




*PFC ZR45 Kit No Longer Available*

We recommend the following Stoptech kits instead:

Front (ST-40/60/Trophy)

83.155.4700.R1- Stoptech ST-40 355x32mm Slotted Rotors - $3510.00

83.156.6800.71-  Stoptech ST-60 380x32mm Slotted Rotors - $3460.50


83.156.6800.R1- Stoptech Trophy Kit 380x32mm Slotted Rotors - $4180.50

Rear (ST-40/60/Trophy)

83.155.0047.R1- Stoptech ST-40 355x32mm Slotted Rotors - $3510.00

83.155.0047.74- Stoptech ST-60 355x32mm Slotted Rotors - $3280.50

83.155.0047.R3- Stoptech Trophy Kit 380x32mm Slotted Rotors - $3600.00

Other colors such as Silver, Black, and Blue are also available.

The current lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks as these are special order from Stoptech. Please contact us if interested in placing an order. We can provide discounts.



ZR45 Front Caliper (E85 Z4 M Coupe/M Roadster Race Applications)

ZR45 Caliper Takes Brake Pad Shape 7852

We all know the factory brake system on the majority of BMW models is not great. While okay for street duty, they tend to fall short on track as driver experience levels and speed increase. The single-piston floating calipers simply don't have the heat capacity, pedal feel, firmness, or confidence-inspiring characteristics one needs to turn consistent fast laps on the track.

Enter Performance Friction...

With years in the business of making cars stop faster and more consistently, PFC has developed a close relationship with BMW (and Porsche) and has put a ton of R&D into the development of braking components for BMW vehicles. Along with their class-leading racing pads, PFC has developed several full Track & Race kits. These kits are now standard-issue on many Factory BMW Racecars such as the M235i Racing along with numerous Factory-built Porsche Racecars including GT3R's, 991 Cup Cars, and GT4's. You too can now buy them for your street or track car.

Designed and built without compromise, these kits are the ultimate in braking performance. Made from billet Aluminum, machined into a single piece monoblock caliper making them lighter and stronger than typical cast calipers. These calipers have incredible stiffness, which contributes to pedal feel/firmness.

Don't Have Piston Envy

Sure, 6-piston or even 10-piston brake calipers may look cool, but more pistons don't necessarily equate to more stopping power. A 4-piston caliper will have better release characteristics compared to a similar 6-piston caliper, while also being lighter. PFC calipers are also torque optimized for each vehicle, and generally add a bit more rear bias for improved performance/stability under braking.

If you want to upgrade your track or daily driven BMW's brake system, this is the best brake kit on the market, period.

Calipers are anodized and then powder coated black. Custom colors (blue, red, yellow, etc.) are also available with a 5-8 week lead time.

-PFC Kit 4500.0033 - Slotted Rotors

-PFC ZR45 Brake Pad Shape - 7852.xx.21.44

-7852 Available Compounds - 11,12, Z-Rated

-ZR45 Front Two-Piece Caliper (4-piston, 2-pad)

-V3 Rotor Assemblies - Slotted or Dimpled Trackday / Race 323 x 29mm Front

-23mm Pad Thickness

**Black Caliper Unless Otherwise Noted > 4-6 Week Lead Time

PFC high-performance brake kits include:

Two-Piece ZR45 4-piston front caliper - Direct Drive V3 discs on alloy hats - Z-Rated High-Performance street pads included - Race-specification brake pads also available in 11 & 12 compounds - Custom-engineered for race and track use - Genuine race technology - Caliper fittings - Stainless Steel Brake Lines

PFC kits offer the best braking performance available, along with great looks!

PFC ZR45 Calipers:

  • The Z45 caliper starts off as a Monobloc caliper that is then machined in half. This was originally done to meet design specifications for GRAND-AM racing where 2 piece calipers were required. The caliper maintains its incredible stiffness via a structural bridge bar and oversized fasteners.
  • High-Temperature Aluminum Alloy for high stiffness and improved pedal feel at even the highest temperatures.
  • High tension seals, for proper piston rollback, reducing drag and improves consistency.
  • Short Aspect Ratio 4-Piston Design for a stiffer caliper body, reducing drag and temperature as well as improving release and control over 6-piston designs.
  • Monobloc-Finite Element Analysis Design reduces caliper deflection for less pedal travel and improved response.
  • Abutment Design for optimized torque takeout, which improves release and control.
  • Race-proven durability

PFC patented V3 Direct Drive Disc assemblies:

  • V3 technology (retaining ring disc retention)
  • Reduced weight, complexity, and installation time
  • Anti-rattle for street or full float for race
  • Direct drive to lightweight aluminum hats
  • PFC metallurgy specified
  • Race-proven strength and durability
  • 47+ vane geometry
    • Better cooling
    • High thermal stability
    • High mechanical strength
  • Flange geometry
    • Reduces thermal-mechanical stress
  • Patented slot pattern
    • Pad cleaning action
    • Increase initial bite
    • Does not create disc crack propagation
  • High Carbon Alloy with copper and molybdenum for high-temperature strength and durability.
  • Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration.
  • Run-out less than .001 inches, reducing pulsation and vibration.
  • Thickness variation of less than .0003 inches reduces vibration.
  • Aircraft quality heat-treated for microstructure alignment and durability.
  • Surface finishes less than .7 microns.
  • 100% measured and inspected to meet tolerance specifications.

Brake disc hats:

  • High strength forged aluminum
  • Reusable hat/hub assembly
  • Black hard-anodized
  • High manufacturing precision

CarbonMetallicu00ae pads:

  • Low compressibility
  • High modulation
  • High heat capacity (fade resistance)

**Please leave wheel fitment information in the "Notes" section at checkout when ordering. There can be clearance issues with some profiles.**

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