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DS3.12 (G/GB)

We are pretty excited about the new DS3.12. Launched in 2019, the DS3.12 has already won numerous races at both pro and amateur levels of racing. HPDE and club racing customers are quickly becoming big fans of these pads. 

Boasting a crazy flat torque curve from cold through 800°C, the DS3.12 provides the ultimate in linear pressure modulation- meaning, as you get towards the end of the stop, you do not have to press the pedal harder. It offers a higher braking coefficient (Mu) than virtually any other pad while providing truly outstanding pad and disc wear.

*Longest pad life of Ferodo Racing range under heavy-duty track use*

A higher Mu means that less leg pressure is required to achieve the same amount of braking force. This, coupled with the flat torque curve these pads are the ultimate in consistent threshold braking and are the pinnacle of control, which leading to faster lap times. 

The DS3.12 is the new standard for racing pads. Buy them, now!

For drivers who prefer to have to press the pedal harder at the end of a stop as it feels more natural to them, we would recommend the DS1.11 compound. 

*Not intended for Road Use*

Intended use:

  • HPDE / Club Racing / Track Day (Front/Rear)
  • Great with ABS Equipped Vehicles (Front/Rear) 
  • Heavy Duty Track Use (Front/Rear)
  • Sprint / Medium Duration Races (Front/Rear)

DS2500 (H)

For those who track their car but aren't big on swapping their street and track pads back and forth for each event, the DS2500 is a great solution for pulling double duty. While we always recommend running a true uncompromised race pad for the track, we understand that sometimes that just isn't a viable option for drivers. The DS2500 has a moderately high bite with a flat torque curve and solid fade resistance that you want in a track pad while generating relatively low dust and noise levels typically seen with a street pad. With that said, you may experience some noise levels depending on your platform.

Equipped on cars with drivers weighing over 3000lbs, pad wear rates tend to be higher. On heavier cars, we would recommend the DS1.11 or DSUNO instead for non-street applications. 

*Acceptable for Road Use*

Intended use (Car < 2800lbs):

  • Aggressive Street (Front/Rear) 
  • AutoX (Front/Rear)
  • Light Track Day w/Street Tires (Front/Rear) 
  • Moderate Track Day (Rear Only)

DS1.11 (W/WB)

The DS1.11 is part of a chemical family known as Siloxanes, which do not decompose at high temperatures. This means that these pads keep working at extremely high temperatures exceeding that of which the pad would ever see on the race track. Thus, these pads will not fade and have excellent life (the best in the Ferodo Lineup, in fact). 

Boasting an extremely flat torque curve and a medium/high level of friction. The pad compression is always low so pedal travel is short and consistent. If you’re after more an endurance-type pad that you can thrash all day and without fade, lasts a long time, and is easy on rotors, the DS1.11 is a great choice.

*Not Intended for Road Use

Intended Use:

  • Moderate / Heavy Track Day (Front/Rear)
  • Sprint Racing (Front/Rear)
  • Heavy-Endurance Racing (Front/Rear)


The DSUNO has expanded on the DS1.11 and boasts a slightly higher friction output over the DS1.11. While offering a bit more bite over the DS1.11, it does not wear quite as long but it does offer a higher overall Mu coefficient once it reaches track temperatures and is easy on rotors. 

A key component is its excellent modulation throughout the braking event, greatly reducing the risk of wheel lock compared to other pads with a similar friction coefficient, or Mu.

*Not Intended for Road Use

Intended Use:

  • Moderate / Heavy Track Day (Front/Rear)
  • Sprint Racing (Front/Rear)
  • Semi-Endurance Racing (Front/Rear)

DS3000 (R)

The DS3000 has been around for more than 20 years, acting as the go-to pad for many championship-winning teams around the world in Touring car, GT, and Rally. With a low-temperature threshold, while offering high temp stability for tarmac, these pads are easy on discs but do wear quicker. They also have a very short bed-in time, which is partially why they are favorable in Rally and Hill-Climb events.

*Not Intended for Road Use

Intended Use:

  • AutoX (Front/Rear)
  • Touring Car (Front/Rear)
  • Rally / Group N (Front/Rear)
  • Single-Seat Racing (Front/Rear)
  • Hill-Climb (Front/Rear)

4003 (C)

The 4003 is a compound specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus, etc.) and occasionally for Rally use. They boast a very short bedding time, excellent bite, low drag & release characteristics, and control to avoid wheel lock in low downforce situations.

*Not Intended for Road Use

Intended Use:

  • Formula / Single Seater
  • Rally / Group N (Front/Rear)

DS4.06 (T)

The DS4.06 has been specifically designed for Touring Car Racing and Sprint races. It offers Ferodo's highest average friction coefficient, Mu, highest bite, great release & modulation. It has a good life for sprint material and low disk wear.

*Not Intended for Road Use

Intended Use:

  • Touring Car Sprint Racing
  • Available in shape FRP3014T (AP Racing & Alcon Systems)
  • Available in shape FRP3110T (Brembo System)

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