Forgeline Popular Porsche Fitments

Popular Porsche 991 fitments include GS1R, GE1R, VX1R and GT1R wheels.

991 GT3 / Turbo Stock Fitment: 20x9 ET55 Front / 20x12 ET63 Rear

Forgeline Fitments:

20x9 ET47 / 20x12 ET47

19x9 ET47 / 19x12 ET47

Forgeline also offers a higher offset rear for non-lowered cars that want to run a 325 tire on both 19" & 20" wheels.

**It is recommended to change the lower control arm bolt to Porsche P/N: 99907353001 for more rear clearance. CCB brakes may get marred by tire rubber or get scratched.**

Centerlock Wheels include GS1R, GE1R, VX1R, and GT1R wheels.

991 GT2/3 RS Stock Fitment: 20x9.5 ET50 Front / 21x12.5 ET48 Rear

Forgeline Fitments:

20x9.5 ET45 / 20x12 ET40

19x9.5 ET45 / 19x12 ET40

Popular Porsche Cayman S / R Track Fitment: GS1R, VX1R, GTD1-5

Forgeline Fitments

986/987 - 18x9 ET50 / 18x10 ET35

987/718 - 18x9 ET51 / 18x10.5 ET37

                 - 19x9 ET51 / 19x10.5 ET37

GT4       - 19x9 ET50 / 19x10.5 ET44

              - 20x9 ET50 / 20x11 ET50

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