Aeromotions Porsche 997 Turbo Dynamic Wing - Hinz Motorsport
Aeromotions Porsche 997 Turbo Dynamic Wing - Hinz Motorsport
Aeromotions Porsche 997 Turbo Dynamic Wing - Hinz Motorsport
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Active aero? Yes, please!

If you're looking for a wing for your track car or race car that performs as good as it looks, look no further than Aeromotions.

Aeromotions wing profiles have been engineered at MIT and fine-tuned with extensive F1 grade rolling road wind tunnel testing. Further refinement was done at the racetrack.

Aeromotions wings provide the highest downforce with the lowest drag coefficients. These are the best commercially made wings available to the public, period.

Designed to lower lap times and provide ultimate grip at the rear of your car.

Aeromotions Dynamic wing for the 997 Turbo chassis is basically an active version of the GT2 RS wing. The factory position of the wing is superb, but Aeromotions took it a step further with their airfoil design along with active aero capability. On the straightaway, the wing automatically flattens out for Drag Reduction (DRS) just like an F1 car. When you hit the braking zone, the wing automatically engages full downforce, and air-braking, to help stop the car and keep the rear end planted.

Full-scale CFD analysis was conducted on the entire 997 chassis/body, not just on the wing as many other companies will do.

As an added benefit, for those running the popular Vorsteiner deck lid, this wing fits perfectly.

Dynamic Aero - Drag Reduction System (DRS) + Airbraking

Wind tunnel tested and race-proven, Dynamic Wings shave seconds off your lap time. Fully automatic, computer-controlled, these plug and play wings provide huge downforce in corners, drag reduction on the straightaways, and airbraking to stop all that speed. Welcome to the future of aerodynamics.

How it works?

No laptop required. All of the actuators, control rods, and sensors are included in simple, pre-packaged modules. The A.D.A.P.T processor (S.Series) and R.Module (R.Dynamics) is completely self-contained.

The Dynamic wings are designed for easy installation. With that, like any wing, some decklids and mounts need to be reinforced, so professional installation is recommended in the situations.

Quick Tuning

The in-cabin remote lets you quickly dial in the aero during test sessions. The built-in lockout feature lets you run the Dynamic wing in full static mode for the race to meet series rule requirements.

**See chart below corresponding wing widths.**

Street / Track 65" 9.5"
Modified 72" 9.5"

**Please allow several weeks for delivery as these wings are made to order. We will reach out with order updates early and often.**

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