PFC 11 Front Racing Brake Pads- F22 M235iR Cup, M240iR Cup

PFC 11 Front Racing Brake Pads- F22 M235iR Cup, M240iR Cup - Hinz Motorsport
PFC 11 Front Racing Brake Pads- F22 M235iR Cup, M240iR Cup - Hinz Motorsport

PFC 11 Front Racing Brake Pads- F22 M235iR Cup, M240iR Cup

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PFC 11 Racing Pads for F22 M235i Racing Cup and M240i Racing Cup (Stock Front ZR54 Caliper). 28mm Thick Pad. ZR54 Caliper replacement pads

BMW Part# 34108416729

PFC Part#: 7954.11.28.44

PFC Brakes are a leader in high-performance braking technology. Manufactured right here in the U.S., PFC has been the go-to choice for many top racing teams around the world. They have worked closely with Porsche on the development of their pad compounds and PFC Brakes are standard fitment on Porsche 991 GT3 Cup cars.

Biggest Takeaway?

We run PFC brakes on our cars for their consistent performance lap-after-lap and their low-wear rates. These things do not overheat either. While you may pay a little bit more for these pads upfront compared to say a Hawk pad, these will last twice as long if not more in many applications. In addition to decreased wear on the pad itself, these pads are also a lot less harsh on rotors. The savings really start to add up compared to inferior brands. In any braking application, you are generally limited by the grip in your tires, these pads will provide all of the stopping power you need.

PFC's can also be used on the street when driving from to and from the track. Like any race pad, they will not have as much bite in the cold, but they will work fine in a pinch. Sometimes they squeak, sometimes they don't, but it generally isn't too bad when they do.

For the 7954 Pad they are available in the following 4 compounds (application dependent):

13 Compound - High Bite - Sprint Racing 13 Compound is a new generation of ultimate high bite-high friction... 13 compounds were developed from 01 compound with increased bite, modulation, with superior disc conditioning and release characteristics for exceptional control. Ultra-smooth and great for tracks with high grip or high downforce cars. It is the ultimate combination of high bite and infinite control. Typical applications; Ideal use for sprint and severe applications. Heavy, fast cars or high downforce cars where bite at first 3rd of the stop is desired. 13's wear is par with PFC's legendary 01 compound. Will operate at higher temperatures if called too as .13 has a very high threshold for fade resistance. .13 has shown of all the high bite, high torque pads in the market to have one of the lowest taper wear in a properly designed race caliper.

11 Compound - Strong Initial Bite - Sprint Racing - is a sprint and medium distance friction providing the ultimate in control, with superior disc conditioning. It is ultra smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop. Typical Applications; Ideal for use at medium-low grip venues where control and modulation are at a premium. 11's wear is par with PFC's legendary 01 compound showing virtually zero taper wear when raced in a properly designed race caliper.

08 Compound - Smooth Bite - Endurance Racing - 08 compounds are one of PFC's most popular and have gained immediate favor in Trackday/HPDE, Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. 08 have a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release, and modulation characteristics. Very low abraded disc wear with a fine grey slate-like disc finish, similar to 01. Despite its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches wear of the other competitors with much higher bite.

12 Compound - Excellent Bite - Endurance Racing/Track Days- 12 compounds were developed from 08 compounds with improved wear, modulation, and release characteristics. It is the ultimate in wear. The PFC .12 compound won its debut race in the Daytona 24hr. Wears longer than 08, high temperatures are not an issue. Ideal for when long wear is at a premium. Also at racing venues where ABS systems are used, i.e. Sebring. 

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